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Because Facebook can do better!

Have the recent revelations around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica got you concerned about who has your personal information and how it's being used? Worried about how elections and referendums around the world might have been engineered? Angered that fascist and racist content is allowed to proliferate while those fighting for civil rights have been blocked?

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have made apologetic statements and promises, but this is not good enough. Facebook has admitted that it is likely that all users have had their data scraped - that means that 2 billion of us could have been exposed.
Facebook: you can do better.

Thousands of us refused to use Facebook for 24 hours on 11 April when Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US House Energy and Commerce Committee. We posted about why we did it and together sent a powerful message that Facebook must do better. Our governments must also do more to protect our privacy, regulate digital monopolies, defend our civil rights and safeguard democracy.

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Yesterday, we turned off Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
Showing Mark Zuckerberg we can control the platforms too.

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